Teaching Supplies For The New Teacher

You just got your first teaching job and need to figure out what teaching supplies you will need.  Here's a brief list of the most essential teaching supplies for the new teacher.  Number one on the list is a teacher plan book.  Not just any daily planner, but a teacher's plan book.  You want to have your entire lesson plan laid out step by step in your planner.  A good plan book design will make this easier for you.  Most schools and school districts now require that a teacher makes lesson plans, and some schools and districts collect their teacher's plan books and review them.  They want to make sure that the teacher is sticking to the curriculum

Next on the teaching supplies list is a grade or record book.  Just like a planner, schools require this.  With a good grade book, you should be able to look at a semester of work and tests of a particular student, and know how they are doing.  Many grade books also double as an attendance book.  If not, you'll need an attendance book, or delany cards.  You can also buy a combo teachers planner and record book at any teaching supply store.  This is my preference.

So, now you're in your class ready with your lesson plans and grade book.  What do you write with?  You'll need either chalk or a dry erase marker and an eraser. Whichever you use, you have a lot to choose from.  You have dustless chalk, colored chalk, jumbo chalk, chisel tip dry erase markers, bullet tip markers and more.  There are also a lot of great brands.  Sargent Art, Prang, Crayola, Dixon, Expo, Sanford and more.  If you need to use chalk, you probably want to get a chalk holder.  This will help keep chalk dust off your hands.  Non-dustless chalk is the lest expensive option of all.   A box of 12 pieces of chalk will cost under 79ยข at your local teaching supply store.  Now, if you need to use dry erase markers, the best option is a chisel tip black dry erase marker.  This will make the clearest and thickest marks on your dry erase board.

What happens if you you have a classroom with a chalkboard, but you are allergic to chalk?  Or, you have a marker board in your class, but can't take the chemical smell of the dry erase marker.  That's easy.  You can buy a roll up chalk board or dry eraser board.  It comes in a roll like contact paper.  It's adhesive on one side and good for writing on the other.  So, you can switch your chalk board to a dry erase board, or visa versa.  What if you don't like either?  Then I recommend a chart tablet.  With a chart tablet, what you write will be permanent.  The best marker for a chart tablet is the Dixon chisel tip.  They wont bleed thru the paper.

The above are the most essential teaching supplies. If you teach the elementary grades, you will need to decorate the classroom.  You'll need fadeless paper, trim or bordette, lettering, learning posters, charts and some bulletin board sets.  You have some great suppliers to choose from.  Some of the top manufactures of teaching supplies  are Pacon, Trend, Carson Dellosa, Teacher Created Materials, Creative Teaching Press, Scholastic and Paper Magic Group.  There are many others.  Now, if your teach the really early grades: prek, kindergarten;  you'll want to have name plates, name tags and some classroom management signs.  You can find all these teaching supplies in any good teaching supply store.




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