Test Taking Tips and Strategies

Test taking tips and strategies are important if you want to do well in school.  Many smart people do poorly on test, while others, who don't have the raw intelligence, do well on tests because they have  mastered test taking.  Here are a few test taking tips we hope will help all students.

1)Studying thoroughly and knowing the material you are going to be tested on is the single most important thing you need to do.  You need to really know the material.  Cramming the night before a test will not give you a deep knowledge of any material.  Prepare well before the test.

2)Do practice exams often.  Whichever test you are preparing for, you can be sure that there is a practice test available.  If it's the NYS regents exam, the SAT or PSAT, Barron's has many books available.  If it's the ELA, Math Assessment Test, Common Core Learning Standards or Gifted and Talented Test, Coach, Spectrum and Steck Vaughn have great testing materials.  Critical Thinking Company also make great test taking books for the early learners.

3)Get enough sleep and be rested.  Do not expect to do well on a test if you went out parting the night before and are tired and sleepy while you are taking the test.  Just like an athlete needs to be well rested if he wants to perform, the student also needs to be rested.

4)Arrive early.  If the test is at 9, get there at 8:30.  This will allow you to choose where you want to sit.  Maybe you like being in the back. Maybe you like being near a window.  Maybe they made a room change for the test, and arriving early gets you to the next room just in time.  Arriving early, gives you time for messing up.  The early bird gets the worm is a true.

5)Listen closely to all instructions.

6)Examine every choice before you choose your answer.

7)Cross out answers that you %100 sure are wrong.

8)Rely on your first impression.  The answer which comes to mid first is often correct.

9)Take the questions in the order that appeals to you most.  There is nothing sacred about the order which the questions are answered.


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