Science Fair Project Display Boards - What You Need to Know

What size science fair project display board do you need? What type of board should you use? Do you need a header card? Should you use a colored board, or a solid white board?  How much should it cost?  Here are all the answers to those questions that come up every time science fair comes around.  Science fair project display boards are also called tri fold boards.

Project boards range in price from $2.99 to $12.99. They range in sizes from the standard 36" x 48" to small 18"x 48" to mini 13" x 20" to the oversize 48 x 60.  The $2.99 board is a small size white board made from cheap, thin cardboard.  The $12.99 board is a large size, colored board made from foam core.  It's colored with a deep dye that won't fade that easily.  The difference in price is very visible.  The cheap board looks it. While the expensive board is impressive and sleek.

What project board you get depends on your needs.  The benefits of using a smaller board are 1)smaller boards are easier to transport 2)smaller boards have less area to fill up with content.  So, if your child is not really into his project, go with the smaller board.  It will make it easier.  This is if the school will allow it.  Many school require the standard 36"x 48" size project board. Larger science fair project boards are for the child who wants to impress, and has a lot to show.  If you expect to win any science fair, use a large size foam core science display board.

In addition to the tri fold boards.  There are boards called EZ carry boards.  These boards have a fold in the middle that make it easy to transport.  So, the EZ carry boards folds 4 ways.  When all folded, the are usually 12' wide.  This is a lot easier to transport then the usually standard size, which when closed is 24" wide.  EZ carry boards don't stand up as well as the standard tri fold boards, and aren't as rugged.

For a nice selection of project boards you will most likely need to go to a specialty store, or a teaching supply store.  Most chain stores don't have high quality boards or a large selection. The also will not have the add ons specialty stores have such as: title cards, header board, trimmer or bordette for putting around the board.  There items are import if you want a sleek, finished look.


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