Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts

Come to Teachers Choice for all your arts and crafts needs. Teachers Choice has the most complete line of arts and craft materials in Brooklyn. We carry Construction paper, oak tag and poster board, paint and paint brushes, smocks, glitter, wiggly eyes, sequins, all types of glue and paste, craft kits, pipe cleaners, pom poms, craft sticks, cut outs, stencils, rubber stamp sets, all types of markers, colored pencils, all types and sizes of crayons and more.

Teachers Choice recommends that you get your child interested in arts and crafts early for it's many benefits. Arts and crafts has;

1)Physical Benefits: It develops fin motor skills, improves hand eye coordination, increased dexterity, improves bilateral coordination.

2)Social and Emotional Benefits: Encourages self expression, boosts self esteem, helps with patience and self regulation

3)Cognitive Benefits: Enhances innovation and creative ability, sharpens decision making skills, improves visual learning and memory, builds imagination and creativity.

Help your child build, express and create with Arts and craft supplies at Teachers Choice.  Visit our Facebook page for daily discounts.