Educational Games & Toys

Educational Games and Toys

Educational games, toys & learning aids at Teachers Choice. We know that play benefits the brain, promotes problem solving skills, social skills and will improve a child's academic readiness and success. Different types of educational games and toys have different benefits. Construction toys like blocks and building kits are linked with better language development, spatial skills and higher achievement in math. This may inspire your child to pursue a carer in science, engineering or architecture. Board games improve social skills and critical thinking skills.

Stop with the TV and video monitor. Come to Teachers Choice for the best in educational games and toys. Teacher Choice carries educational games and toys for early learners thru high school We have games and toys for a single child who may need help in a particular subject, or for an entire classroom of children. Our Trend and Carson Dellosa bingo games are great way to teach an entire class multiplication, phonics, geography and more. Weather you are a teacher, tutor or parent, Teachers Choice will have the educational game or learning toy you need.